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IronRuby Unleashed News

It’s been 2 months since IronRuby Unleashed has been published and it has been an exciting time!

The book has received some good reviews on blog posts and a 5-star rating in Amazon:

In addition to these reviews, I have published a few articles this months (and there are more to come!):

And at last, I’ve been invited to speak about IronRuby in several international conferences like Epicenter (Ireland), NDC (Norway) and DevLink (USA). Detailed info about that is coming soon!

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My Interview with Hal Fulton

Lately I had the honor to get interviewed by the author of the legendary book “The Ruby Way” - Hal Fulton. The interview is mostly about IronRuby, me and my book – IronRuby Unleashed.

You can read the full interview on the InformIT site:

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Announcement: IronRuby Unleashed has been Released!

Good times!

Right after IronRuby RC2 was released and a bit before IronRuby 1.0 RTM is out, my book, IronRuby Unleashed, is available!

The print book is available from today on the InformIT web site (Sams Publishing’s book store) and will be available shortly on Amazon as well (and other book stores too).

IronRuby Unleashed by Shay Friedman

In short, IronRuby Unleashed contains all you need to start developing IronRuby applications. From Ruby language introduction, through the fundamentals of IronRuby programming (like implementing CLR interfaces, using generic methods, overriding CLR events and more) to using IronRuby with several different development frameworks like WPF, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Ruby on Rails and more. The book also includes some advanced IronRuby topics like a chapter that explains how to develop IronRuby extensions.


I’d be glad to hear comments about the book, so don’t hesitate to contact me!


I'm Proud to Present - IronRuby Unleashed

Hi readers!

I'll start with the announcement - I'm writing a book! it is called "IronRuby Unleashed" and it will be published by Sams Publishing who has brought the world the great Unleashed series.

What is the Book About?

Well, I bet you've guessed it already - the book is about IronRuby. With version 1.0 right around the corner, it is more than important to have some reference books so developers can get started in no time.

The book is a ~500 page reference and guide book. You will start by learning the Ruby language (an essential part for IronRuby devs, I'd say) - from the basic to the advanced subjects. Then you will get to know IronRuby - how to use it in simple and complex occasions. On the third part of the book, you will go through different frameworks and learn how to take advantage of them with IronRuby (WinForms, WPF, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net MVC and more). Eventually on the last part, you will be guided how to extend IronRuby and add your own touch to the language.

The table of contents (subject to change):

  • Part 1 - Introduction to IronRuby
    • The Ruby Language
    • The .Net Framework
    • The DLR
    • Getting Started with IronRuby
  • Part 2 - The Ruby Language
    • The Basic Basics
    • Methods, Blocks, Classes and Modules
    • The Standard Library
    • Advanced Ruby
  • Part 3 - IronRuby Fundamentals
    • .Net Interoperability Fundamentals
    • Object Oriented .Net in IronRuby
  • Part 4 - IronRuby and the .Net World
    • Data Access
    • Win Forms
    • WPF
    • ASP.Net MVC
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Silverlight
    • Unit Testing
    • Using IronRuby from C#/VB.Net
  • Part 5 - Advanced IronRuby
    • Extending IronRuby using C#/VB.Net

Who is it for?

I tried to write the book in a way developers from both sides, Ruby and .Net, can benefit from it. In addition to that, because of the structure of the book (basics to advanced), people who want to learn their first programming language might find the book helpful as well.
Generally, If you are interested in IronRuby, I believe you will find what you're looking for in this book.

Why Did I Do It?

Hmmm... Tough one... firstly, I really believe in IronRuby. I think it is a killer language which gives developers so much power with such a small effort. For me it was something I had been waiting for for a long time - a language that is fun to work with but still is powerful. By the time I started writing the book I didn't even know how big of a fan I would become...
Secondly, I wanted to know how it would be like to write a programming book (hint: not easy at all!).
Thirdly, I needed something to make mom and dad proud :-)

Where Can I Read Sample Chapters (and purchase purchase purchase!)?

I'm glad you asked. The book is already on Amazon and the Safari Books Online ready for pre-ordering.

The book is also on the Rough Cuts program, which means that a few chapters are released while they are in development so you readers can get a sneak peek, express your opinions and help make the book better. You can access the chapters via the Safari Books web site.

Well, that's about it. I'm still working on it, but the finish line is nearby.
Hope you'll enjoy it,