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My Interview on Herding Code is Published!

At this year’s NDC I had the honor to chat with Jon Galloway and Scott Allen, who are half of the Herding Code crew. We chatted about subjects related to my NDC talks – Roslyn, C#’s dynamic capabilities, and the DLR. 

Last week our chat was published as an Herding Code episode, and it is available to hear and download at

Enjoy the episode and thanks Herding Code for having me!

All the best,

Video, Slides and Code from my Session at aspConf 2012 – ASP.NET MVC Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems

Last week I had the honor of taking part in the community-driven, ASP.NET-related, virtual event – aspConf 2012. My session was named ASP.NET MVC Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems and it was generally about things I found to be important from my ASP.NET MVC experience – some were more basic and some were more hidden, too hidden some would say :)

I had lots of fun doing the session, and hopefully the attendees has fun too :)

A big big thanks to the aspConf crew – Javier Lozano, Jon Galloway, Eric Hexter, and friends – you guys did an AMAZING job! thanks!

Anyway, everything from my session is now on the interwebs – video, slides and code samples:


Can be watched and downloaded on channel9:


The slides are available on SlideShare:


Code Samples

All code samples from the session are available on my github page:

That’s it. If you have any questions, let me know!
All the best,

Sample Code from my “What?!? C# Could Do That?!?” Session

In the last few months I had the honor of presenting my session “What?!? C# Could Do That?!?” at different conferences and user groups around the world. The session is mainly about different things you can do with C#’s dynamic capabilities, IronRuby and also a bit about the upcoming Roslyn “Compiler as a Service” project.

I’ve received several requests to upload my sample code. Therefore, I’ve just made it available on my github page -
If you have any questions about the code, don’t hesitate to contact me through twitter or the contact page.

Additionally, if you want me to come and do this session (or others) at your user group/conference, let me know!
All the best,

Slides and Code Samples from my Talk at LIDNUG - What?!? C# Could Do That???

On Thursday I had the honor to do a virtual talk at LIDNUG – the LinkedIn .NET User Group. A stage where lots of .NET celebs like Scott Gu, Jeffery Richter, Jeff Prosise and others have talked in the past.

I’d like to thank all the attendees and the LIDNUG crew who made this possible – Inbar, Peter and Brian – you guys rock!

About the talk – I focused on the dynamic capabilities of C#. Started with some black magic done using the dynamic keyword, then moved on to practice witchcraft with the combination of IronRuby and C#, and ended with the new and shiny .NET spell-book also known as project “Roslyn”.

The talk was recorded and it can be found on YouTube:

The code samples from the talk are also available – click here to download them [2.47Mb].

I had a blast, hope you did as a well.
All the best,

My Sessions at NDC2011 and Upcoming Gigs at GOTO, SDC and LINDUG

It’s been a while since NDC2011 took place but I figured out I’ve never officially published the slides and videos from this incredible event. First and foremost, I’d like to thank Program Utvikling for having me as a speaker second year in a row – you guys ROCK! this year’s conference just strengthened my belief that NDC is the best .NET conference out there. So if you have one conference you wanna go to, this is, IMHO, your best pick.


Anyway, I had two sessions this year – IronRuby FTW and Ruby on Rails vs. ASP.NET MVC:

IronRuby FTW!!!

Thanks for the attendees that chose my session over Scott Guthrie’s – very much appreciated! :)

Ruby has been a home for some great innovative frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Cucumber and Rake. In this session you will get familiar with the IronRuby language and its amazing ecosystem and you will learn to take advantage of it in everyday tasks like testing, building, enhancing current code and more. Come and see how IronRuby makes your development life better and happier!


Videos: Dowload MP4

Ruby on Rails vs. ASP.NET MVC

I had lots of fun preparing for this session and doing it as well. Apart from my comparison, I ran a little scoreboard during the session and asked the audience a few times to vote for their favorite framework – ASP.NET MVC won by 1 vote! this is not a huge surprise – even though Ruby on Rails is still ahead in terms of community and external packages, the fundamentals of both frameworks are pretty solid at the moment and quite similar…

I did this session a year ago (with MVC 2.0) at Epicenter2010 and Ruby on Rails won 8 to 2… So this result is a very good sign that ASP.NET MVC is in the right direction – Good work Microsoft!

Last year was the year when two great web development frameworks arrive at the .NET world – ASP.NET MVC 3.0 and Ruby on Rails (via IronRuby). It is the time to get to know these frameworks and learn their advantages and disadvantages. In this session, Shay Friedman will walk you through the good, the bad and the ugly of both frameworks providing you points to consider when coming to choose one of them.


Videos: Download MP4

Upcoming Gigs

In the next month I’m going to present four sessions in three different conferences and locations. If you’re around, come say hello.

GOTO Amsterdam – October 13-14 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


I’m going to run a single session – “ASP.NET MVC 3 Hidden Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems”. You’ll also be able to find me on the conference party, the Meet the Speakers event and generally where they serve beer :)

Time and place: October 13th, 13:20-14:10, Foyer room.

The ASP.NET MVC framework has been around for more than two year now and has been constantly gaining popularity since then. However, despite that fact a lot of MVC developers are not aware of various hidden gems that can make their development experience much easier and nicer. In this session we will go through some of those which were added in the latest version – ASP.NET MVC 3.

ScanDev on Tour – October 18th (Stockholm, Sweden)

Very excited to come back to Sweden (too bad it’s not gonna be snowy, though :) ). On ScanDev on Tour I’m going to present two sessions – “ASP.NET MVC Hidden Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems” and “Introduction to Ruby on Rails”:

Session: Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Time and place: 10:30 – 11:20, Web Room
The most famous Ruby–driven framework is, by far, Ruby on Rails. In the last few years this framework has been gaining popularity and now is a great time to get to know it. In this session, Shay Friedman will build an entire Web 2.0 site from scratch while using and explaining the key features of Ruby on Rails. Come and see what Ruby on Rails is all about and what's made it the success it is today.

Session: ASP.NET MVC Hidden Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems
Time and place: 13:30 – 14:20, .NET Room
The ASP.NET MVC framework has been around for more than two year now and has been constantly gaining popularity ever since. However, despite that fact, a lot of MVC developers are not aware of various hidden gems that can make their development experience much easier and nicer. In this session we will go through some of those which were added in the latest version – ASP.NET MVC 3.

LINDUG – November 17th (Virtual)

LINDUG is the .NET group on LinkedIn. I’m going to run a LiveMeeting 90-minute session – “What?!? C# Could Do That?”.

Time and place: 12PM – 1:30PM (PT)
.NET 4 has brought us the DLR and C# 4 has brought us the dynamic keyword. With their powers combined, C# suddenly gets super powers!
In this session Shay Friedman will show you surprising and practical things you can do today with C#, the dynamic keyword and the DLR.
Registration (free):

All the best,

Wrapping Up my “Swedish Tour”

File:Flag of Sweden.svgI’ve just got back home after a week in Sweden. During the week I had the opportunity to travel the country a bit, to learn a few Swedish words and to speak in a few occasions about ASP.NET MVC, IronRuby and some other technologies. But above all of that, I got to meet and talk with some incredible people! it was such an amazing experience!!! thanks to all of you (you guys know who you are), you made this week one of the best I’ve ever had.

Well, yes. I know I titled this post a “wrap up” and you want the details. So…


Part 1 – Stockholm

The first part of my “tour” was Stockholm. I was invited to Stockholm by Tibi to participate in the unconference he had been planning. It had been snowing in Sweden before I got there so I was welcomed by a lot of snow. And I LOOOOOOOOVE snow! I was sad, though, that it wasn’t snowing while I was there…

Tibi hosted me in his place during my stay in Stockholm so huge thanks to him, to his wife Nicolleta and to his sweet daughters for having me!

On the day after I came we had the unconference in a very cool office in Stockholm. I was impressed that even university students showed up for the unconference! good for you! During the unconference we had very interesting and inspiring discussions about various different and unrelated subjects (in the .NET world). I got to talk about IronRuby and it was very interesting for me to hear the questions and the feedback.

Some photos from the event:

.NET Unconference in Stockholm.NET Unconference in Stockholm

Part 2 – SDC2011, Gothenburg

The day after the unconference, me and Tibi took the train to Gothenburg to participate in the Scandinavian Developer Conference, AKA SDC or ScanDev. We got to an amazing hotel called Gothia Towers in Gothenburg where all the speakers were hosted. The conference itself took place in a convention center that is attached to the hotel. This is how the hotel looks like from outside and the inside:

My room in Gothia Towers HotelGothia Towers Hotel from Outside

On the first evening we had a speakers dinner organized by the conference organizers. They took us to a very nice restaurant and I got to meet and talk with other speakers about technologies, languages (real ones! not just programming languages!) and other stuff. These meetings are the best thing in conferences… the opportunity to chat with people from all over the world (face-to-face) is not something that you run into every day.

Anyway, the next day I had my session, The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines, and it went pretty well. I had something like 100 people attending and had lots of fun. Razor won the poll again, by the way. I wrote another post about the session, in case you want to see/download the slides or code samples.

On the evening we had some food at a nice little restaurant, had interesting discussions and lots of alcohol. Everything is a bit blurry for me from this night… I love conferences! :)

On the second day of the conference I didn’t have any sessions so I got to relax, go to some sessions myself and in general, have fun! In the evening we went to a traditional Swedish restaurant and had some traditional Swedish food. It was a blast!

Part 3 – Swenug (Swedish .NET User Group), Gothenburg

The last part of my trip was the Swedish .NET user group meeting in Gothenburg. I had two ~1 hour sessions, one was about tips and tricks in ASP.NET MVC 3 (or the session’s official name – “ASP.NET MVC Rulezzzzzz”) and the second one was about IronRuby and its possible usages for .NET devs (or in its official name, “IronRuby FTW!!!!!!!”). I must say, these were one of the best presentations I’ve ever had. It felt good, I had an awesome awesome AWESOME time, got very good responses afterwards and even all the demos worked!

Thank you Anders for having me and pulling this off.


It was an amazing week. I had a chance to speak in front of the great Swedish crowd. I met so many interesting people. I ate a reindeer (sorry Santa). And I got to see snow!

Sweden, I’ll be back!

All the best,

Slides + Code Samples from my Session at SDC2011

Today I had the honor to talk before the Scandinavian crowd in Gothenburg at SDC2011. My session was “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” where I compared ASPX, Razor, Spark, NHaml and the StringTemplate view engines.

Thanks to everyone who attended! I hope you had as much fun as I had!

The code samples from the session can be downloaded from my github account:

And here are the slides:

A recording of the session should be available on the conference site in a few days.

All the best,

My Session at mvcConf 2–The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines

About a month ago I gave a session at the virtual mvcConf 2 event. My session was “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” where I talked about the differences between ASPX, NHaml, Spark and the Razor view engines.

The session was recorded and it is available on channel 9: (at the time of this writing, it has more than 7,500 views! amazing!)

During the session I held a few polls about the preferences of the audience… the results were kinda interesting. These are screenshots of the results of the individual votes:

mvcConf 2 - The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines Poll #1mvcConf 2 - The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines Poll #2mvcConf 2 - The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines Poll #3

And summing all of them together, Razor got 70% of the votes, ASPX got 13%, Spark 12% and NHaml ended up with 6%:


So in conclusion, my prediction is that razor gonna conquer this mvc view engine market… However, the others will stay relevant and I recommend you to check them out. If they make you happier and more productive then go with them! do NOT hesitate.

Anyway, during the session I promised to post a detailed list of resources about the different view engines – so here it is:

Thanks to all the people who made mvcConf happen! and thanks to all attendees!

All the best,

mvcConf, SDC, MIX11 Voting and More

2010 was a great year for me in terms of public speaking and at the moment I’m working on making this year even better!

MIX11 is 2 months away and I wanna be there and tell you about writing ASP.NET MVC view engines! But for that I need your help - please vote for my session at (the voting ends tomorrow, on Feb 4th). You’ll benefit two things from doing that – you’ll be able to learn about writing ASP.NET MVC view engines at MIX and you’ll enable me to visit Las Vegas after 14 years of absence! Smile

Apart from MIX, I’m booked for a few events at the moment already (and more are coming soon, hopefully):

  • February 8th – mvcConf 2 – this is a big virtual event about ASP.NET MVC. My session is “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” where I’m going to compare the ASPX, Razor, NHaml and Spark view engines.
  • April 4th-5th, SDC 2011 – a conference which takes place at Gothenburg, Sweden. My session has the same subject as the mvcConf one, “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” but I plan to modify it a bit since it’s a live presentation this time.
  • April 6th, Gothenburg’s .NET UG – the exact content for that UG meeting is still being planned. More details will be published closer to the date.

I’m excited about the opportunities and about the possibility to meet some of you in person,
Looking forward to it!

Upcoming Gig: Ruby on Rails 3 Vs. ASP.NET MVC 2 at AlphaGeeks

On September 19th, which turns out to be the upcoming Sunday, on 18:30 I’m going to give a session at the Israeli AlphaGeeks user group. The topic: Ruby on Rails 3 Vs. ASP.NET MVC 2.

Ruby on Rails 3 Vs. ASP.NET MVC 2

During the presentation I’m going to build two identical web applications with both frameworks and let you, the audience, decide which framework does a better job. It’s a battle till the very end, wouldn’t you wanna be a part of it?

To register to the event, simply email Yuval (the organizer) or register on the dedicated Facebook page.

The event will take place at 10 Haarbaa St. Tel Aviv, 4th floor. Any beverages/food/beer/cute puppies you bring with you will be appreciated.

See you there!