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Code Samples from IDNDUG – August 2013

Last night I took the stage at the Israeli .NET User Group and introduced how web development is done today in a session named “How The Cool Kids Create Chats Today?”. Images (courtesy of Dror Helper and Ariel Ben Horesh):

Israeli .NET User Group AUG 2013 - How The Cool Kids Create Chats Today - Shay FriedmanIsraeli .NET User Group AUG 2013 - How The Cool Kids Create Chats Today - Shay Friedman

I had a blast. Thanks to all the attendees who came and listened!

I promised to upload the code from the presentation and I’m a man of my word so…
the solution can be downloaded from: 
The code here has a bit more features than what I showed yesterday and includes custom styles with LESS (look for less files in the Content/less folder) and the general UI design is done via Twitter Bootstrap.

Last but not least – a hidden Easter egg - open the chat in two browsers and make sure one of them is Chrome. Sign in to the chat from both browsers and send a message from the other browser that says *trees* (including the asterisks). Enjoy! Smile

If you have questions or anything else, let me know.
All the best,

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