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Dell Fail

I understand it now, I’m just not lucky with gadgets. First it was my sound system that died on me and now my new and shiny laptop does its part in irritating me.

This morning I found out that only a month after I received it, a part of the Dell logo that resides on the top cover of the computer fell off. This is how it looks like now:

Dell Logo Fail!!!!

Now look, I don’t put things on my computer, I don’t throw it and I don’t scratch it. All I do is to put it in my bag and take it out of it. And it’s so upsetting that after a single month, a top-notch 2500$ computer, has this kind of flaw.

Should I expect the whole logo to fall off in the next few months?

Dell’s site says about my computer that it provides “superb performance and design”. Is this what you call “superb”? 
I’m really disappointed in you, Dell. You have let me down.


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