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My Presentation at the Nes Ziona User Group

Yesterday I did a presentation at the Nes Ziona user group. My session was about IronRuby and my main goal was to show the audience what they can do with IronRuby in their everyday .Net work.

First of all, thanks everyone for coming! I had a lot of fun!

I discussed the following subjects:

  • Creating internal tools and POCs with IronRuby – taking advantage of the Ruby language abilities and libraries to write code faster.
  • Using Ruby REPL abilities in .Net apps – can be used for polishing, debugging and extending .Net applications.
  • Cucumber – the amazing Ruby test framework that now can help test .Net code.
  • Gestalt – oh yea!

You can download all the demos from here: (4.82Mb)
I didn’t have any slides, so no ppt this time!

Some resources to get you started:

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, consulting needs or whatever, don’t hesitate to contact me (also via twitter)!

Thanks for attending!

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