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Razor Tip #1: Explicitly Stating Statement Boundaries

Razor, the new ASP.NET MVC view engine is incredible. I like it. A LOT. Great work Microsoft!

In this series of posts I’m going to share some handy tips and tricks that can enhance your experience with this new view engine. Enjoy!

The Problem

You have to output a variable value and add some markup content immediately after it. For example, assume you have a variable holding a value representing a font size and you want to output it inside a style attribute, as follows:


But oh no! Razor can’t tell the difference between our fontSize variable and the “px” text that follows it so it will go look for a variable named “fontSizepx”!

The Solution

To solve the issue, we need to explicitly tell Razor where the variable name ends, or in more general terms – where the statement starts and ends. We do that by putting the variable name between parentheses:


You can also use the parentheses trick to output small code statements like these:


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