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Rock Stars Vs. Programming Stars

Recently I thought about this comparison… In the programming world there is this level of people who are a kind of “celebrities” within the developer community - they’re widely known, they have thousands of readers of their blogs, they have thousands of followers on Twitter, they speak on public events in front of thousands of people around the world… All of that just screams for a comparison with the equivalent in the show biz world - rock stars!

So… I’m proud to present the first EVER comparison between rock stars and programming stars! afterwards judge for yourself what you wanna be.

Comparison Rock Star Programming Star
Look Rock stars (this is a picture of Motley Crue) Programming Stars (this is a picture of Microsoft's early days)
Shown in public on Concerts, TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines Conferences, podcasts, programming magazines
Known internationally Yes Yes
Chances of being recognized in the grocery store Almost with complete certainty Rarely
Charisma Yes Yes
Tools Microphone/Guitar/Drums/other instrument Microphone + computer + projector
Write Lyrics Code
Average annual salary Millions of dollars Hundreds of thousands of dollars
# of Twitter followers Millions Tens of thousands
# of people attending a single show/talk Tens of thousands Thousands
Way to the top Hard work for years/American Idol Hard work for years
(Simon Fuller, if you read this, what about a “Programming Idol” show?)
Sex So much that they’re sorry about that when they grow old. I don’t know. Unlike rock stars, they don’t share this information.
Drugs Yes. A lot. No. Geeks do not do drugs. Most of them at least.
Alcohol Yes Drink beer from time to time
Tour the world A few months a year A few days/weeks a year
Own A crib, a private jet, a collection of cool cars A powerful laptop with SSD and two 24’ screens
Can install Win7 No Of course, they’ve done that multiple times already
Eat bats during shows/talks Yes No
Have tattoos Yes Mostly not, it hurts to get them done.
Have two eyes, two ears, one mouth and one nose Yes Yes

And the winner is………… I don't know, do you?

Anyway in the end we’re all human and therefore have a chance to become stars.

Go ahead and shine!


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You should have used a picture of Spinal Tap at least... for shame!


Better yet, let's make the programming star mockumentary!


This is a funny comparison. I thing Bill Gates will be recognized in the grocery store.


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