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Spaghetti Hot Dog

Warning: this is NOT a technical post. At all.

A few days ago I stumbled upon this picture:


I can’t find the tweet I got it from so if you know its origin, please let me know and I’ll add it here!

So I saw that and it hit me instantly – this is THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!! I had to try it myself. And I’m proud to introduce…. my own Spaghetti Hot Dogs!

Step 1 – Buy Cheap Spaghetti and Hot Dogs

DSCF0277 (Small)

Step 2 – Boil the Hot Dogs a bit to Soften Them

DSCF0278 (Small)

Step 3 – Insert Spaghetti Sticks into the Hot Dogs

DSCF0283 (Small)

DSCF0285 (Small)

DSCF0289 (Small)

DSCF0290 (Small)

Step 5 – Boil Everything Together

DSCF0296 (Small)

Step 6 – Bon Appétit!

DSCF0299 (Small)


DSCF0302 (Small)

It was fun to make and fun to eat! I LIKE!

All the best,

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Looks delicious!

And I thought you were gonna write about spaghetti code...


I do not know if spaghetti and sausage taste together but the idea is great.


I loved your visual presentation and step-by-step instructions!  Your wierd sense of humor appeals to my wierd sense of humor!!!


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