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The Official Response from Microsoft about the IronRuby Situation

A few days ago someone asked on the IronRuby mailing list if there were news about the future of IronRuby. In return, Tomas Matousek, the last active IronRuby developer inside Microsoft, posted Microsoft’s official position (which apparently was published some time ago):

"At this time, we have no announcements to make beyond what we announced in July 2010 — that we were putting these [IronRuby and IronPython] under the Apache License v2.0. Clearly, there is customer and community interest in these languages. With many organizations running mixed IT environments, we continue to value community feedback on how we can support their interoperability needs, and we remain committed to supporting multiple tools and languages that provide developers with the most choice and flexibility.".

I’m not quite sure what that means but hey, at least we got something :)

Live well and prosper!

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