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Upcoming Gig: Epicenter 2010

The conference season is coming and it’s time to let you know where and when you can see and meet me!


This June I’ll be speaking at the Epicenter 2010 conference, taking place on June 8th-11th in Dublin, Ireland.

epicenter 2010

The conference will be hosted in the Arts building of Trinity College, which just looks awesome:

Anyways, it’s technology we’re interested in! So I’m going to have two talks in the conference:

When: June 9th, 11:00
Title: Practical IronRuby
Ruby has been a home for some great innovative frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Cucumber and Rake. IronRuby version 1.0 has recently been released, unleashing the power of Ruby to the .NET world.
In this session you will get familiar with the Ruby language and its amazing ecosystem and you will learn to take advantage of it in your everyday development tasks.
Come and see how this great new addition to the .NET family makes your development process faster, clearer and happier!
(Get ready for some crazy demos here!)

When: June 10th, 15:15
Title: Ruby on Rails Vs. ASP.NET MVC
2010 is the year when two great web development frameworks arrive at the .NET world – ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and Ruby on Rails (via IronRuby). It is the time to get to know these frameworks and learn their advantages and disadvantages. In this session I will walk you through the good, the bad and the ugly of both frameworks providing you points to consider when coming to choose one of them.
Come and see how these two wonderful web development frameworks collide!

In addition to these talks I’ll also participate on Wednesday’s evangelist night along with Jamie Van Dyke and Julian Fitzel.

By the way, I’m staying in Dublin for a few days after the conference as well so if you’re in Dublin, let me know and we’ll go grab a pint!

See you there!

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