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Upcoming Session: IronRuby on the AltNetCrossGroup in London

Announcement!  Announcement!  Announcement! 

I’m coming to London this Friday and I’m going to do a session about IronRuby on the AltNetCrossGroup!

IronRuby Session on AltNetCrossGroup

The session will take place in MRM London (76 Southwark Street) on Friday, September 25th, between 18:30 and 20:30.
The agenda is:

  • Introduction to the Ruby language
  • IronRuby – using CLR objects from IronRuby and using IronRuby from C#
  • Cucumber – test your code with style
  • Ruby on Rails

This is the current plan. If you have ideas or requests, please let me know (via the contact page or twitter)!

Register here:
If you’re interested, make sure to register ASAP since the amount of seats is limited.

I am very excited to be the first speaker on the AltNetGroup series of cross language talks and I hope to see you there!

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