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Upcoming Session: Riding IronRuby on Rails at WDC, Israel

I’m glad to announce that another IronRuby session is getting closer, this time at the Israeli Web Developers Community!


Sunday, 1st of  November, 2009. 17:00-20:00.


Microsoft Offices, 2 HaPnina St., Rannana.


The session is all about IronRuby, with a focus on Ruby’s most famous member – Ruby on Rails. The session will  start with an overview of the Ruby language and its powerful abilities, continue with IronRuby and  the stuff it brings to your everyday work and end with a Ruby On Rails overview, including live demo of building a Web 2.0 application from scratch.


Because IronRuby can enhance your everyday work, speed up your development process and make it enjoyable and fun! In addition, you will see another web development framework, Ruby on Rails, which will show you another way of web development and will also give you an idea about where today’s web MVC frameworks got all their ideas and probably their future ones as well  :)
And most importantly, there will be free food and drinks!


Register to the event at: 

By the way, If you’d like me to come and present at your event (conference, user group, internal gatherings, courses…), please contact me.

Hope to see you there,

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