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mvcConf, SDC, MIX11 Voting and More

2010 was a great year for me in terms of public speaking and at the moment I’m working on making this year even better!

MIX11 is 2 months away and I wanna be there and tell you about writing ASP.NET MVC view engines! But for that I need your help - please vote for my session at (the voting ends tomorrow, on Feb 4th). You’ll benefit two things from doing that – you’ll be able to learn about writing ASP.NET MVC view engines at MIX and you’ll enable me to visit Las Vegas after 14 years of absence! Smile

Apart from MIX, I’m booked for a few events at the moment already (and more are coming soon, hopefully):

  • February 8th – mvcConf 2 – this is a big virtual event about ASP.NET MVC. My session is “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” where I’m going to compare the ASPX, Razor, NHaml and Spark view engines.
  • April 4th-5th, SDC 2011 – a conference which takes place at Gothenburg, Sweden. My session has the same subject as the mvcConf one, “The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines” but I plan to modify it a bit since it’s a live presentation this time.
  • April 6th, Gothenburg’s .NET UG – the exact content for that UG meeting is still being planned. More details will be published closer to the date.

I’m excited about the opportunities and about the possibility to meet some of you in person,
Looking forward to it!

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